3 Weekday Flights Coming Jan 7th!

Beginning January 2019 you will have 3 opportunities to get where you need to go and back home again Monday through Friday! 

A partnership between our friends at Cape Girardeau, SkyWest and United Airlines has brought about the creation of a schedule that will allow for expanded service in both Paducah and Cape.

All the flights to and from Chicago will fly through both Paducah and Cape Girardeau.  But for Paducah travelers, we will still have 2 non-stop flights. the mid morning flight, will stop in Cape Girardeau long enough to pick up any passengers, before going onto Chicago.  You won't even have to get off the plane.










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What this means for you is:

A flight schedule to better fit your travel needs/ logisitcs.

2 opportunities to get to Chicago before 2pm, to help you make earlier connections than ever before.

Increased relief opportunities should you miss a flight or have one delayed or cancelled. 

If you miss the mid-morning flight, you still have another chance to get to Chicago and catch a late connection. Instead of waiting until the next day or driving to get to Chicago.

If you're destination is Chicago, you can work almost a full day and catch a flight to Chicago and be there by 7pm!.

You will be able to fly between Paducah and Cape Girardeau,  turning an 80 minute drive into a 20 minute flight.

Many other positives, too numerous to mention.

You can book these flights now by visiting United.com,  fares and actual departure times are subject to change. 


We, as always suggest you arrive at Barkley 1 hour before your scheduled departure time if you're flying domestic, or 90 minutes if your destination is international.