Covid-19 Response

The airport recently received new cleaning equipment to help make your airport even safer.  A new touch-less cleaning system for the restrooms and other areas, as well as a Clorox 360 Hydrostatic cleaning system for use on all airport terminal seating, tables, doorknobs, and other touch points throughout the terminal. Staff received training on the new equipment this week and it will be put to use immediately.



The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically effected all of our daily lives, as well as the entire aviation industry, and Barkley Regional Airport. 

In an effort to help keep you, our passengers safe, we have enhanced our cleaning procedures, and have made some operational changes.  

Steps we are taking to better protect you, our passengers.
1.  Airport staff is cleaning restrooms and other touch points within the terminal multiple times a day.   And TSA staff is doing the same with bins, and tables.

2.  We have placed additional hand sanitizer stations throughout the terminal.

3.  Ticketed passengers or rental car customers only are allowed in the terminal.  Anyone dropping off passengers is asked to remain outside the terminal.
       --  Departures and arrivals can still be seen from our viewing garden located to the left of the terminal.
       --  Anyone waiting to pick-up a passenger is asked to wait in their vehicle.

4. Both Hertz and Enterprise are only operating during flight times or when they have reservations that have been made at least 2 hours in advance.   
    For information on making a reservation,  CLICK HERE to visit our ground transportation page.

5. United Express staff are cleaning the plane between every flight, wiping down hand rails and other passenger touch points.

6. We are asking passengers to practice social distancing in the airport, keeping at least 6ft of distance from each other when seated, or in line at the ticket counter, or TSA Screening

    We remind everyone to  follow other CDC guidelines regarding hand washing, or hand sanitizing as well. 

We are staying up-to-date with CDC Directives and changing our processes accordingly.


We strive everyday to provide a fast, easy, and convenient way to get you where you need or want to go.
We thank you for your continued support of Barkley Regional Airport. Together we will get through this and be a stronger airport and community!