Employment Opportunties

Barkley Regional Airport is currently accepting applications for the following Position


                Fire Fighter/Airfield Services Specialist

Job Description:  Performs general fire fighting, rescue, and emergency medical functions in and around airport facilities and is also responsible for maintenance, repair and operation of airfield, including associated equipment, fixtures, and property.

Job Duties:

Employee responsibilities include fire fighting, rescue, and basic medical treatment. Employee will also be responsible for operation of any activities related to the airfield, including: adherence to FAR Part 139 compliance criteria regarding airfield areas, airfield inspection programs, snow and ice control and removal, airfield mowing and grounds maintenance, wildlife hazard mitigation, pavement surfaces management, correction of unsafe airfield conditions, and all associated record-keeping, and appropriate information dissemination.

Additionally employee will be responsible for the operation, upkeep, repair and maintenance of airport owned apparatus and equipment including rescue vehicles, trucks, tractors, mowers, plows, end loaders, and snow blower.             

Minimum Requirements:                         

Applicant MUST BE 21 years of age or older.  He or she must have a high school diploma, G.E.D. or equivalent, and current Kentucky EMT certification preferred,  Applicant must also they must have a familiarity with fire fighting and rescue related equipment and apparatus, but some fire fighting experience is preferred.

Applicant must have a valid driver’s license, and a clean driving record for the last five years, (excluding minor traffic violations) to be able to complete required airfield drivers’ training. Applicant must be familiar with the accurate and responsible operation, care and maintenance of firearms for annual certification as a wildlife mitigation officer.  Applicant should be able to pass an extensive background check and be able to acquire and maintain an airfield security clearance issued by the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA).

Applicant should also have a level of computer proficiency, and ability to work office related equipment and software programs.  Applicant will be expected to work at minimum 40 hours per week, most days between the hours of 4am and midnight, with the ability work longer hours if needed. Applicant should also be able to be “on call” in case of an emergency.

 Experience with repair and maintenance of diesel engines is a plus, as is electrical or other mechanical experience. EMT certification desired but not required.

Physical Requirements:

  The position requires applicant to possess a high degree of mobility with no major mobility restrictions. Physical exertion requirements may approach extreme limits. Applicant must perform required Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighter (ARFF) functions while dressed in protective fire clothing and wearing breathing apparatus. Applicant must be able to lift 90 pounds to a height of five feet, comfortable with the use of ladders to a height of twenty feet, and operate equipment described, but not limited to, in the Job Duties section . Applicant should be able to distinguish colors used in equipment warning lights, D.O.T. HAZMAT shipping labels, and product container warning label color codes, as well as Control Tower light gun colors.


The Barkley Regional Airport Authority is an equal opportunity employer.

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