Here are just a few reasons why we say you should fly Barkley Airport, along with some things you may not know about us.

We are your easy, hassle-free airport,
No trip, whether for business or pleasure, should start with a prolonged drive to an airport. Let alone the hassles of allowing enough time to beat traffic, navigate the parking lot, wait in line at the ticket counter and to get through security, and  be there 2 hours before you even get on the plane.  


When you land here you're practically home. 
In most cases, your drive to and from Barkley is an hour or less, and after a five minute or less walk, you're in the terminal, and a half an hour later you've checked your luggage and have gone through security, and its less than an hour before it's wheels up and you're on your way.  And its worth repeating that it doesn't get much easier, especially when you land in Paducah, just minutes from being home.


We have the best Parking Around.
Here at Barkley it is much cheaper to park your car here than at any nearby airport. The first 30 minutes are free, and at most parking at Barkley is $7 a day. And if your car is here is longer than a week, the cost per day actually decreases, no other airport in the region does that! Don't believe us, just look at our Parking Lot fees.  


We're a Hub of activity
You never know what might see land at Barkley. In the last few years alone we've seen  all kinds of aircraft.  Chartered planes that have included Boeing 737s, MD-82s, and E-145s, military aircraft from all branches: C-130's,  Blackhawk, Apache, Scout, and Chinook Helicopters, V-22 Ospreys,(now that is one amazing aircraft.) There were also T-45 NASA training jets,Coast Guard aircraft, and even the Bud 1 Airship.  Oh and we can't forget the Red Baron Extra 300S Stunt airplane, a 1/1 scale replica Jenny, and a historic Grumman Albatross. Whew! that's a lot and we are sure that we're forgetting some.

Then last but certainly not least we cannot fail to mention the countless individuals who utilize Midwest Aviation's flight school that are learning become pilots themselves. And I'll bet you didn't know many of the artists and celebrities that perform around the region fly into Barkley, either on United Express, or on private planes. Names like Boyz II Men, Jerry Seinfeld, Garrison Keilor, ZZ Top, NASCAR drivers Tony Stewart and Dale Earnhardt Jr.,  all of the stars that come to the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, and even David Copperfield, all flew into Barkley Airport! That's right your airport helps bring the stars to you, quite literally.


Flying Local helps the Region Grow
We are a major economic development engine. A community can't grow or attract new business without a strong regional airport. We partner with economic development teams in the region, doing everything we can to help them attract new industries, from providing flight data to hosting meetings. In fact, results of a 2010 study showed that the economic impact that Barkley Regional Airport has on the region is $43 million!



You can get anywhere from here.
With Barkley's United Express service to Chicago O'Hare, we offer service to 200+ domestic & international destinations with just one plane change. Places like London, Seoul, Rome, Tokyo, and Sydney, are all well within your reach, and often times cheaper and faster than driving to another airport.


This wasn't the case when we had service to Memphis, which had limited destinations which translated to additional plane changes and higher ticket prices, and more hassles. With Chicago being a major hub for many airlines, your destination options have increased, and your fares from Paducah are much lower than they used to be. Another great advantage for you. Other airports can get you a handful of places directly, but with United Airlines global reach, flying from Paducah can get you directly to more cities around the world and bring you right back home.


We need you to help us grow air service.
Today, airlines look at the economics of flying in and out of smaller airports, only flying from cities where they won't lose money doing it. The higher that passenger numbers climb, the better the chances that an airline (like SkyWest/United Express,) might be interested in adding flights to an existing or possibly a new destination. Or higher numbers might help us attract a additional airline to serve Paducah. Not to mention the fact increased passenger numbers can help us keep fares lower.

In short, the more people that fly out of Barkley makes it more likely we can improve the number of destinations, or air carriers that serve Paducah. And the more likely it is to help keep us as a more affordable alternative to the extra time and gas you have to spend to drive to other airports.  In fact our efforts to either add additional United Express flights, or attract more airlines to Paducah, would be greatly helped if 10,000 more people flew from Barkley each year.

While that may seem like a lot,  if everyone who flew from Paducah last year would fly from here just one additional trip from us this year, we would more than reach that goal.  So the more you fly Barkley, the more you help us improve our efforts to grow!

So when you travel remember to Fly Local, Fly Barkley!


Why Fly Barkley?