While flights from Barkley Regional Airport run on time or early on average 97% of the time, delays do happen. In the event your flight delayed, here are some things you need to know to help you make your flight.

Why was my flight delayed?

Flight delays are beyond the control of anyone at Barkley Airport. Issues involving weather in Chicago, and or nationwide, aircraft/crew related Issues are the most common reasons for a delay. In case of weather,the delay might simply be a result of waiting for a weather system to pass, or the time it is estimated to take for O'Hare to get back on schedule after a weather event. Which is understandably hard to fathom when its clear in Paducah, but you have to remember Chicago is 500 miles north of us here.

Also in some cases weather in other parts of the country can effect our flights too. The plane that was supposed to be the one used for your flight to/from Paducah might start its day on the east coast, out west or even Canada. If it gets stuck at its origin due to weather or breaks down there and can't get to Chicago, and another plane can't be substituted in time, that too could be a reason for a delay or cancelled flight, so you can see its very complex.


If I know my flight is delayed for an hour or more, what time do I need to be at the airport?

We can't stress this enough. All passengers should arrive at the airport 60 minutes prior to their <font color="#191970" size="2"> SCHEDULED departure time for domestic flights, 90 minutes for international flights. Even if you learn in advance that your flight is delayed. This is to enable ample time for check-in and security screening prior to boarding, and delay lengths can change rapidly, so coming to the airport may cause you to miss your flight.

But there are some other facts you need to know.

1)  The United Express ticket counter closes 30 minutes prior to a plane's scheduled arrival and/or departure to allow airline staff to prepare for the    
arrival/departure, to get you through the airport and on your way as fast as they can. Anyone arriving after the ticket counter is closed prior to a departure will not be allowed on the flight, per airline and TSA rules.

2)  TSA rules stipulate that the security checkpoint can only stay open until everyone who is checked in for the flight and is at the airport has gone through security screening. Once everyone checked in goes through security, the checkpoint is closed.  There are no exceptions. Including situations where you have no luggage/carry-on and are utilizing an electronic boarding pass.

So if you arrive at the airport for your flight after TSA has closed security screening, you will not be allowed to board the flight even if it hasn't left yet. Therefore it is in your best interest not to wait out a delay at home or at work.  Even though it means sitting in the terminal an extra hour.

Delays are an unfortunate reality of air travel, especially since we can't control the weather and other factors that play a role with issues. Everyone at Barkley understands they can make travel difficult which is why we work hard to do what they can to mitigate them.  And help you as much as we can to make your travel experience as carefree as possible.

And by following this advice you can help insure that you make your flight, on time or delayed, and while your trip may start late, you can still save time and money in the long run, without the extra cost and inconvenience of changing flights, or even airports!


Info to Know: Flight Delays