TSA Pre√

For Passengers that use Barkley Regional Airport we are proud to offer TSA Pre√ to make your travel experience even easier.

TSA Pre✓® offers simplified security screening to passengers who have enrolled in the program. What does this mean? For passengers enrolled in the program, when going through security there will no longer be a need to remove some items when being screened.

These items include:

3-1-1 liquids
Light jackets

The end result a simpler and easier air travel experience, at Barkley and over 150 other airports nationwide. I partnership with 12 airlines including United Airlines

Anyone interested in becoming Pre√ certified can apply in Paducah at

Ensite Screening LLC
611 Broadway St.
Paducah, KY 42001
(270) 443-1201
Or For more information on Pre√ click here