More About our Schedule Changes


On February 15th, our afternoon arrival/departure goes from a 4:06 PM Arrival/4:36 PM departure, to a 6:07 PM arrival/6:37 PM departure, this change, done by United is only a temporary one, as the time will move again in April to a 2:00 PM arrival/2:30 PM departure. 

This post seeks to explain the reasons behind these schedule changes that will occur over the next couple of months.

You see, United Airlines wants to grow the number of passengers coming into their hubs -- Newark, Chicago, Houston, Denver, and San Francisco.   And to do this they are relying on regional airlines like SkyWest and others that they utilize, to increase traffic however they see fit to do so.  United is also replacing smaller planes in their own fleet of aircraft with newer,larger aircraft to help accomplish this goal.

As a result of this increase in traffic at Chicago, more gate space is needed to park these planes throughout the day.  So United had to re-work their schedule to fix the issue, and this re-arranging of schedules is what caused our flight times to be moved.

For our part, we became aware that our schedule maybe changing in November, when we saw a preliminary schedule for February.   We have seen time differences on these schedules before so we really weren't concerned, as they have been known to change, sometimes greatly, before a final schedule is set and released.

However, when the final schedule came out in the first part of December, we saw the time change still was there, so we looked into it further, and found out that the change was real, and that it had the possibility of becoming permanent.

At this point, we immediately made a case of concerns regarding this change to take to SkyWest, because we knew our passengers would see this schedule as inconvenient.

We presented our facts to SkyWest asking them to explore any viable option that would enable our passengers to get where they were going at a reasonable hour. SkyWest looked at our arguments, and looked at their numbers, then subsequently took the issue to United, and both airlines then worked quickly to address our concerns and resolve the issue.  

In fact, before the end of the year, we received word that our schedule would be changing again to the 2:00/2:30 arrival/departure on April 23, where it is expected to stay.

This was very welcome news, and we appreciate how quickly SkyWest and United addressed our concerns on this issue, and limiting the later arrival and departure time to only two months. SkyWest has also promised us that they will keep a closer eye on our schedule going forward, in a proactive effort to keep such a change from occurring in the future. 

We are excited about the level of convenience that our schedule will provide come April, and we hope that you are too.  As always, we strive to provide the best travel experience possible, and this is just another example of the work we do for you here at your airport.  So that you'll remember when you fly, to fly Barkley!